videoCTRLroom is the information sorting center of the urban video control system. A postmodern panoptic where people discovers to be watched and watchers, integral part of a well-oiled mechanism of oppression.
The audience is filmed by hidden infrared web-cams set just in front of the building, at the entrance, on the staircase and in the same room of the installation. The images of the audience alternates with noise effects and other videos discovered and stolen from the webcams of unaware Chatroulette users. The video inputs are managed through VVVV which send them to the installation: a PVC tubes structure embedding 4 or 6 screens made up with the same tubes

art direction: Mariano Leotta
sound design: Salvo Zappalà
video editing and customized media server: Emanuele Foti, Glulab
shooting: Luca Fuscaldi, Enzo Cuccia
voices: Giuseppe Brancato, Giuseppe Bisicchia, Flavio Iannelli, Daniela Alfonso
multimedia set design: Mariano Leotta and Emanuele Foti
live music: Ex-directory

2006 atelier tornaghi, curated by 292 collective, Milan (Italy)
2010 no-body by Man-at-Sea, coa bar, Thessaloniki (Greece)